Company Profile

Planet Reading is an interactive and fun learning environment designed to help children of all ages love to learn to read. Our latest computer technology and cutting edge learning techniques ensure that children using our platform are fully engaged and immersed in enjoyable reading skills.

Our reading model simulates the foundations of reading that are used in public schools to ensure that the child is always meeting and even exceeding school standards. We do this because a child's reading prowess is our number one focus.

Our vision is far-reaching and incorporates progressive developments that are geared towards teaching advanced reading skills at a level of simplicity that is unprecedented. Our future plans include:

  • Create more apps that will teach and keep children entertained at the same time.
  • Produce a line of workbooks to help reinforce some of the strategies we teach.
  • Produce DVDs that will teach and reinforce the basics of reading.
  • Eventually produce apps and a website that will teach children the fundamentals of arithmetic.

Planet Reading was developed by a parent of a child who has had great trouble learning how to read. As a result, the challenges that this brought is the very essence of the select strategies and techniques employed to make reading a fun and simple task for all children.

We strongly believe that reading should be fun; to accomplish this, we use interactive games, music, and cutting-edge graphics to accomplish our goal of teaching children to read. Reluctant readers are a thing of the past with Planet Reading.